About Us

Be a part of the transformation, empower the change.

As 2018 drew to a close, Challenge Ministries Swaziland began to build their strategic plan for the next five-year term. Before long, it was evident that there was a huge need to expand the CMS network around the globe. With child care expenses mounting, and the pressures of a constrained economy in Eswatini, the team on the ground knew that the only hope for sustainable growth was to strengthen foreign relations.

Thus, CMS partnered with Partners In Action to establish an office within the United States. The office has been called Challenge Ministries Global (CMG), and has been given the challenge of empowering the vision, mission, and values of CMS.

The CMG team fundraises, sends teams, and develops new strategies in so that CMS can keep operate most effectively, helping those in need.

Our Partnership

Challenge Ministries Swaziland is a not for profit section 21 charity based in Swaziland; a small, beautiful country which is landlocked between South Africa and Mozambique. Swaziland has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world, which has resulted in many orphaned or vulnerable children living on the streets without any hope for the future. CMS has a vision to make a difference in Swaziland for many generations through the care of orphaned and vulnerable children, development of rural communities, education, rehabilitation programs, rural healthcare, sustainability projects and teaching godly leadership.

For more than 30 years Partners in Action has played a vital role serving communities in need worldwide. Our mission is to move children and families out of poverty by building sustainable communities that can support themselves economically. As a Christ-centered and purpose-driven organization, our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the communities we serve. Partners In Action played an instrument role in the founding of Bulembu Ministries Swaziland, and continue to serve the vision to Restore a Town, Transform a Nation through their partnership with Challenge Ministries Swaziland. Those once unseen, now stand as the future leaders of their nation, empowered by God’s love for them, supported by Partners In Action.